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The Problem With Leaving Beauty Facemasks More Than Required

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For many purposes, including being relaxed or fixing a skin problem, face masks are undeniable. The pandemic has seen people exploring more than they ever have before. Instagram feeds are flooded with pictures of people hydrating, scrubbing, exfoliating and so much more.

The goal of a mask is usually to repair skin in a very short amount of time. Due to its quick action, would it be safe to say that masks might not entirely be safe? Or could there be unsafe techniques that could amount to unhealthy results?

Following instructions, scientific evaluations prove, is hard to do. People tend to do a bit more than is required especially what the labels state. On facemasks, instructions are given for the amount of time they should be left on the face. When it’s not adhered to and left for longer, this is call over-masking.

Over-masking can be discovered in several ways. The symptoms include but not limited to burning sensations, red burns, breakouts, dry, flaky, itching, and peeling skin. In over-masking, these chemicals in products that stay longer than they should on the skin rid the skin of its protective glands and friendly bacteria which are crucial for maintaining healthy skin. What happens is that the products have several ingredients. These ingredients react with the skin to cause conditions including acne.

Will the solution be to keep away from face masks entirely? Not really. Being smart in the way we use these products will determine the difference between a glowy, healthy skin, and burned skin. Following the instructions on the label exactly as it is one way to ensure that one can conquer these differences. Also, researching your skin type to fully understand how products impact the outcome. For highly sensitive skin, it is advisable to use the masks just once a week and making sure that the ingredients used are good for your skin. Masks for hydrating purposes, due to its relatively low chemicals, can be used twice a week.

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Apply test runs, be mindful, and study the ingredients and side effects to know when you’re reacting negatively to it. Negative reactions might not be big. It could be as little as a few rashes, and acne.

When seeking out new masks to purchase and use, there are three crucial masks to know: exfoliating, masks that remove clogs, dead skin, repairs dull skin; antioxidant, repairs skin burn, premature ageing, and problems from pollution; peptides, produces collagen, hyaluronic acid, and evens skin tone.

If your skin problems vary, you can invest in different masks to tackle them. Using specific masks for certain areas and not others could reduce reaction and overall effectiveness. Masks for blackheads and dry skin differ. Knowing which to use and where is essential.

Like any other thing in life, including exercising and reading, consistency in usage is essential in getting great results. For many of us, we get on a program for two weeks and then we fall off the wagon. It’s important that sticking to the programs are adhered to. It’ll be boring and sometimes, tedious, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

Some masks aren’t the fantasies they’re sold to be. Popular on social media is ‘bubble masks’ which produces excessive foam on the face. There’s no science to back up that the foam does any additional work. These masks created for entertainment and showmanship appeal due not necessarily work better than regular masks. They tend to cost more, also. It might be in one’s benefit not to rush into these masks because they’re exciting.

Some good masks include mud. Mud possesses a skin-healing ingredient and is water-based. This makes the product in the mud more hydrating than drying. The minerals act as exfoliators. It is good for most skin types. Unlike mud masks, clay masks are suitable for oily skin. Clay masks extract the impurities embedded deep within pores. Clay masks due to their drying effects acts as a catalyst and speed up the process of healing active breakouts, absorbs oil, reduces shine, and declogs pores.

While this is beneficial, be sure to consult a dermatologist for specific skin conditions. It is in one’s interest to research as much as possible. The right knowledge and consistent practice will lead to healthy, glowing skin.

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