Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Samsung U21 Ultra, A Significant Upgrade On S20

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Hello, today we will be talking about the Samsung S21 Ultra and, wow, that name is longer than my ancestral line. For the rest of the article I will be calling it the Samsung S21 because who got the time to be writing that so many times. All around, this is a really good phone and the first thing to talk about is the display.


The display is an OLED that is 1440p, which means it’s gonna look crisp. With that, they can also go up to 120hz at the same time, which is pretty good. This means it’s less likely for your phone to lag because of the high refresh rate. The display is 6.8 inches, so it’s a little smaller than the Samsung S20 phone that was 6.9 inches long. There’s of course also a fingerprint ID on it; the sensor for it is 1.77 times bigger than the S20 so it’s a little easier to unlock your phone.


It has a 5,000 mAh battery and it has about nine hours of battery life, which is pretty good in my book. Just kidding, the only thing in my book are random drawings that I accumulated because I couldn’t focus in class. I recommend the dark mode on the Samsung S21 because not only does it look better than the light display, it also saves battery life, a two in one – like my mom’s two-mouth koboko that she’s really proud of.


The phone has 108 megapixels, can record in 8k and it can zoom to 100. Most phones stop at about 10. The zoom also got better because, usually, phones that zoom shake a lot since we are human and it’s easier for us to start a riot than to stand still for a few seconds. The camera tries to lock on to what it thinks you’re trying to zoom on and then it adjusts so it doesn’t shake as much as me when my results are any less than a 91 per cent.


The Samsung S21 has four cameras, which means it has the same amount of cameras as I have siblings. It is able to video on multiple cameras at a time as well, which is cool because people who take videos wouldn’t need to edit the videos together. So all around, this phone is a really good upgrade from the Samsung S20 and I would recommend it to anyone who wants it. Keep in mind it’s a $500 phone, which translates to N190,250 but it will more likely be around N250,000 here. Hope you enjoy your new phone if you get it.

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