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Friday, April 23, 2021

The first images of Son Heung

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Son Heung-Min has now been seen in uniform during his compulsory military service in South Korea, some hours of service which will end on 8th May, when he will be able to return to London.

But before Son finishes this great experience, the South Korean army wanted to publish the first photo of the Tottenham player in combat uniform in the middle of a drill.

The images with the signature of Yonhap, from ‘AFP’ and ‘EFE’, are flying on social media, with dozens of media backing up this unusual image of the Spurs player.

The forward has received the number 136 to be identified within the Ninth Marine Corps Brigade of the South Korean army, with whom he has spent 3 weeks training on the island of Jeju, with live ammunition and even exposed to tear gas, according to ‘AS’.

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