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Premier League: Liverpool’s 2019

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Trying to pick Liverpool’s players of the year from this squad is as tricky as a parent trying to pick their favorite child. It shouldn’t be done but you can’t help yourself.

Since all of this lockdown and quarantine business started in what seems ages ago, I have spent too much time watching LFCTVGo. They provide endless content of matches, documentaries, news, and fun videos with Klopp talking about how he learned how to use a dishwasher.

The channel has also been showing Reds’ matches from the current season. I have been able to watch with my own eyes, which I typically have not trusted, how talented and consistent the club has been.

The Reds were the team that had an 18-match winning streak – in the best league in the world. They also had an unbeaten run that lasted over a calendar year. They are the reigning world club and European champions. However, something is missing: The Premier League trophy.

When the Premier League paused, they were miles ahead of the competition. They created their form of social distancing before it was cool. The Reds were 25 points away from the second-placed team, Man City

Liverpool got to this level of greatness by having a stable full of bona fide star players who have been able to fit together like a 1,000 piece puzzle of a Monet painting. With both my eyes and advanced statistics, I came up with two players. One on the offensive side and one on the defensive side as the Red’s players of the year.

One ground rule in the selection process was that the player must have played 1,500 minutes in league play. This dropped the field down to nine players who all could be named as Liverpool’s player of the year.

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