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Exclusive Q&A: Bruno’s lockdown life

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If you were going to cook for someone, what would you make?
“I love pasta! Since I was a little boy, in my home, when I need to cook for me and my little sister, it was pasta every time. Because it’s what I liked most and, at that time, the only one I can do! I can do more things now. I also like to do a grill because when we have all the family together, we normally do a big grill for everyone, because I have a big family.”

Any advice for young footballers in isolation?
“I think it’s easy because I remember when I grew up, in my home with my father, my mother, my brother and my sister, we didn’t have a lot of space to play. In the first years, I had an apartment – when we were three we had to change home. In an apartment, you can do a lot of things, you know? Just with a wall sometimes, you take the ball left and right, left and right, it’s easy – you don’t need to break something or cause a big problem with your mum! Just be quiet there and try easy things – normally these easy things are most important for the game, no? [You can] learn how to play with both feet.”

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