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Saturday, May 15, 2021

WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman Looks Ripped in a Lockdown Thirst Trap

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Adam Scherr, better known as WWE’s reigning Universal Champion, Braun Strowman, is feeling his oats of late. This week, the wrestler shared a shirtless mirror selfie showing off his visibly toned six-pack abs following his recent weight loss. With a billed weight of 385 pounds in the ring, Scherr revealed he currently weighs 355 pounds in quarantine — a drop of 30 pounds.

Giving a shout out to MegaFit Meals which he credits with helping him lose weight and maintain his gains, Scherr said his ripped body has got him feeling like a “sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex.” It’s still unclear what he means precisely by that. He’s got the “big and scary” part down, although his arms look perfectly proportionate to his body… not to mention jacked.

Scherr has also recently posted to his Instagram Story about how happy he was to be getting back to his training after weeks of uncertainty during the pandemic, sharing a series of workout videos from the recently reopened Ironclad Gym in Florida.

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While he’s one of the largest fighters in the WWE (they don’t call him the “Monster Among Men” for nothing), Scherr has cut his weight down considerably from his strongman days. Prior to his wrestling career, he competed in numerous strongman events, winning the North American Strongman U.S. Amateur National Championship in 2011, and the Arnold Amateur Strongman World Championship in 2012, earning himself an invitation to the Arnold Classic the following year, before he decided to enter the ring in 2014.

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