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Friday, April 23, 2021

African Legends Cup of Nations: Abedi Pele vs Gyan

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Pele, one of the elite African players of all time, scores very highly in the ‘ability’ section, and there are only four players in our African Legends Cup of Nations who have a better score than his 23/25.

He was nicknamed ‘The African Maradona’ early in his career, primarily for his dribbling skills, ability, close control and pace, although he was also inventive as well, capable of moments of magic to settle big matches.

His performance against AC Milan in the Champions League final were evidence of a truly World Class talent, and his work alongside Jean-Pierre Papin and Chris Waddle is still fondly remembered in Provence.

Gyan, while a fine goalscorer and an excellent physical specimen, belongs a level or two below the truly top class African talents.

Perhaps this explains his decision to move to Asian football so early in his career.

No doubt, he was an immense big game player, but injuries certainly began to take their toll during the last half-decade.

Abedi Pele: 23 Gyan: 14

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